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Building Shepherd - Back from vacation + hired PT editor!

2,155 authors (I put the wrong number) have turned in a book list for Shepherd or committed to writing one(amazing as always 😃).

September 6th to October 1st
Back from vacation...
I biked through Portugal and Spain and it was a blast. I rode over 830 kilometers and up 10,500 meters over 15 riding days. The riding really cleared my head and I hope to do another trip toward next spring or early summer. Jessy and Joy did an amazing job while I was gone, huge thanks to both of them! 😃
Updates + hired a PT editor!
I hired a part-time editor on Friday and she will start training on Monday. She is going to take over the process of editing author submissions to free up more of my time for product and marketing work. With me on vacation, we have a backlog of ~300 book recommendation lists that she is going to start working through.
What else?
We finished implementing the backend code we needed for *real* topic support. That was a huge project and now we can start implementing search, the new front page, and bookshelves. We already started on search and are working to implement it over the next 6 weeks.
What else is going on?
My wife and son get back on Tuesday which I am very excited about!!! They’ve been visiting their grandparents in the USA for the last month.
Have a great weekend,
Thanks, Ben
P.S. Here are a few photos from my bike trip…
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Ben Fox

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