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Building Shepherd - New Hires!

802 authors have turned in a book list for Shepherd (or committed to writing in). Big jump this week as I’ve increased velocity 😃.

May3rd - May 14th.
New Hire + Another New Hire
I hired Joy a few weeks ago to help me with data entry on books and author profiles and she is doing fantastic. That takes a lot of work off my plate (I just need to review and do the harder-to-find books).
I posted a job yesterday to hire someone to help me with the editing process with authors, author follow-ups, and a few other items. The last few weeks have made it clear that I need help. Especially so that I can focus on marketing and growing traffic. This is a harder hire to make as they will be interacting directly with authors and I want to make sure they are a good fit.
Related Book Lists Shipped!
These are working well so far and you check out the related book lists at the bottom of one of these pages:
What's next for Shepherd?
May is for spring cleaning and everything is going well so far. I am spending a lot of time cleaning up the internals of the project and getting it ready for the new hire so I can focus on marketing/traffic.
I’ve been sick all this week with the “preschool plague”, which while I am lucky is not covid, has still been hard :), hopefully it goes away shortly!
Have a great weekend,
Thanks, Ben
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