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Building Shepherd - Want to test the new search feature?

2,579 authors have turned in a book list for Shepherd or committed to writing one (amazing as always 😃).

November 15th to November 12th
Try search?
We’ve made some solid progress on the search feature! Try out an early preview here:
At the top of the page you will see a search bar like this:
From there you can put in a favorite book, favorite author, or interesting topic and it will give you recommended book lists and bookshelves to check out. We haven’t built bookshelves yet so those links won’t work. We have ~10,000 books in our system so this is still a bit limited for what topics we have as well as authors/books.
Please send me feedback 😊
This is the first iteration and we are still improve some things with it.
3 key features delayed until January 2022
I was really hoping to ship all the 3 key features before Christmas, but it will be January 2022 now. We are making good progress though.
Updates on the 3 key features
Reminder - We are working to launch topic pagessearch, and a new front page (previews on those links). These are the 3 crucial features so that readers can better browse for books (we only have the related book-list section at the end of every page right now). We will ship all 3 in January 2022.
Update on Search Feature
You can test this feature here. It is 99% ready to go!
Update on Bookshelves
The developer has started working on this feature. I have 900+ bookshelves ready to launch. So when we launch this feature is ready in January it will launch with all of those.
Update on the new Frontpage
The developer has started working on this feature.
What else is going on?
Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans!
We had a little Thanksgiving and got to introduce some German friends to pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and the rest of it. Very fun and it was nice to have friends over.
Have a great weekend,
Thanks, Ben
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Ben Fox

Follow along as I build the Shepherd book discovery platform (updates every 2 weeks).

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